Various Treatment & Procedure Research

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Cryoinsufflation for Hurley Stage II HS

Botulinum Toxin Off-Label Use in Dermatology: A Review *HS cited in this research

Dapsone therapy for hidradenitis suppurativa: a series of 24 patients

Intralesional corticosteroid injection for the treatment of HS: a multicenter retrospective clinical study 

Topical, systemic and biologic therapies in hidradenitis suppurativa: pathogenic insights by examining therapeutic mechanisms

Botulinum toxin type a therapy: A novel approach for a pathology that is still difficult to manage

Antiandrogen therapy with spironolactone for the treatment of HS

A case series of 20 women with HS treated with spironolactone

Clinical characteristics and determinants of treatment efficacy

Absence of efficacy of oral isotretinoin in hidradenitis suppurativa: a retrospective study based on patients' outcome assessment

A Phase II Open-Label Study of Bermekimab in Patients with HS Shows Resolution of Inflammatory Lesions and Pain

Current Understanding of Pathogenic Mechanisms and Suggestion for Treatment Algorithm​

Infliximab every 4 weeks

Adalimumab Dose Intensification in Recalcitrant HS

Long-Term Safety of Adalimumab in 29,967 Adult Patients

Paradoxical Reactions under TNF-α Blocking Agents 

Pediatric Endoscopic Hidradenitis Treatment

Reduced Risk of Suicidal Behaviors Associated with TNF Alpha Antagonists

Latent TB Testing may be Unnecessary for HS Patients

Laser and Light-Based Treatment Modalities

Trends in Oral Antibiotic Prescription

Could Accutane Flare HS?

Zinc Supplements

Psychiatric Events with Isotretinoin (Accutane)

Apremilast (Otezla)


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