Hidradenitis Suppurativa: The Role of Deficient Cutaneous Innate Immunity


A rather long, yet interesting Oxford Article link is below which explains auto-inflammatory disorders and the innate immune. 


Hidradenitis suppurativa (HS) has long been considered an anatomical disorder of apocrine sweat glands or an immunodeficiency. More recently it has become clear that it behaves as an auto-inflammatory disorder.


The auto-inflammatory syndromes represent an expanding spectrum of intriguing disorders. Many of them are relatively rare, however, the growing insights into the pathophysiology of these incapacitating disorders not only provide new directions for their treatment, but also teach us about the mechanisms of more common inflammatory diseases. So far, IL-1 has been the major player in many of the auto-inflammatory disorders, allowing for therapy targeted towards this cytokine. Other inflammatory mediators and mechanisms (e.g. the proteasome subunits) have been found to be deranged in distinct auto-inflammatory disorders [52], while in others the basic defects are still unknown. A major challenge is to find targeted therapies for these disorders.



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