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Below are products that others with HS have used and recommended.  These are products for the US currently; we're working on adding products for the UK as well.  If you have suggestions for products for the US or UK, please click on the link below.  
To learn more about these products and their uses for HS, please visit the ARTICLE CONNECTION page.  


The Mama Au, CEO, Anjel Marii 


The Mama Au is a reflection of my efforts to bridge the gap between chronic conditions and peace of mind with alternative products. My fiancé, HS Warrior, inspired the creation of the Manuka honey salve and the all natural deodorants infused with bentonite, turmeric and Manuka honey. These products are carefully  formulated to target symptoms such as abscesses in various parts of the body, skin inflammation, open wounds and severe body odor. We use organic ingredients sourced from around the world for all skin types to safely enjoy. 


Everything is made to order, except our African Black Soap body bar; which is handcrafted in Ghana, Africa.

The Mama Au has partnered with 3CayG Industries, a family of cooperatives in Ghana and Benin, Africa. The purchase of an African Black Soap shows support for Fair Trade and Community Development. Currently, 3CayG Industries is in the process of restoring 12 water pumps in a village located in Benin, Africa. With each purchase, we are directly contributing to this community project as it strives to provide fresh water for an entire village of 10,000 people. The long term goal we share is having all water pumps readily accessible 24 hours, 7 days a week. 


As we progress forward, The Mama Au would like to encourage open dialogue about Hidradenitis Suppurativa and advocate for the warriors affected by it. We are committed to lifting the veil on this chronic condition, shifting the narrative and increasing body positivity within the HS community.

Mama Au Website | Mama Au Facebook Page

7 days are needed to prepare and ship orders. Shipping is available internationally. 



@themama_au is proud to offer AfterPay on all orders $35+ (includes shipping costs). It is such an easy & affordable way to pay for the items you need in the now. They to make sure HS Warriors has a way to obtain Mama AU products for their active flares without any financial stress. 


Upon signing up to use AfterPay as your alternative payment, your total will be broken up into 4 payment installments. No credit check! These payments will be automatically deducted from your bank card with no hassle. You can shop now, enjoy now & pay later! For more information visit both &


*This does not apply to monthly subscriptions.

The Mama Au




A wearable wound management garment specifically designed for people living with Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS).

HidraWear provides:

Unrestricted movement

The HidraWear dressings are body conforming to allow for easy movement.

No leaks

The special anti-strike through layer on HidraWear dressings ensures is captured within the dressing, minimizing dressing leaks.

Easy application

HidraWear dressings are super easy to apply and remove so you can stay fresh all day long.

Ultimate comfort

HidraWear was created to perform in everyday life. You can trust it to stay in place and not leak giving you both comfort and peace of mind.



Now shipping to US, UK and Europe

To see products, click HERE 


To learn more about how HidraWear works click HERE


You can use your own dressings with the garment,

but please note that HidraWear dressings have

been tested and validated with the garment.

Other dressings may not stay in place or function correctly, but it is possible to use other dressings.

Hidrawear will donate $1 for each product sold to Hope for HS!

*Klarna Pay in 4 interest-free installments

Everyday Breathable Liners from The Pampered Shop

We all know how hard it is to bandage the groin area or any other area such as that when we have draining abscesses, it's impossible!  We may have a solutions to this problem thanks to Tanya!  Machine washable and reusable pads to help with draining abscesses in the groin, labia, butt and scrotum as well as ice packs specifically designed for those specific sensitive areas.  These are vetted by HS sufferers and others with chronic illnesses! 


Outstanding reviews for the products and Ms. Tanya Bernard, the Etsy Shop owner!  


Be sure to let her know that you want the "wicking jersey fabric" for the cloth type as opposed to the flannel, which would would be a special order. This is a personal preference, you may like the flannel!  The wicking fabric will absorb more drainage and is more breathable which can also help prevent yeast rashes and or infection. 


She does offer these pads with ice packs and will be developing a special category for this within a couple of days, but for now you can special order. 


If you need extra long flaps to help with the crease of your legs, please indicate that when listing your specifications.  Many have used these for their groin, labia, buttocks, and scrotum areas. Men can order these without the flaps and/or turn the flaps inside out.


If you have questions or need assistance, reach out to Ms. Tanya on her Etsy site and she'll be happy to help!

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