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If you're not able to walk, but still want to participate, this is for you!  


WHAT: 3rd Annual Healing for HS Walk Activities & Adventures for those who can't walk, but still want to participate! SEE DETAILS, OPTIONS & IDEAS BELOW!

WHEN: Saturday, June 4th, 2022. There are NO set times, just any time on JUNE 4th

HOW:  In order to be eligible for the Amazon giveaway, you must:

1. Use the hashtags; #hsconnectorg and #HSAwareness2022

2. Email proof to showing that you participated in at least one of the 'non-walking activities'. This will qualify you to be entered in the Amazon drawings. Important! For awareness purposes we encourage you to share on your social media platform (s) as well. Don't forget to tag us! @hsconnectorg 

NOTE: Although donations are always welcome, you do not have to donate in order to participate. (when prompted you can keep that section blank i.e., $0.00)

Quick video instructions Here

There will be events happening throughout the day including a scavenger hunt, rock painting and more a lot that you can do in the comfort of your own home or with friends where you live! 

Below are some ideas for Healing for HS Adventures! There are NO set times you can do these at any time on JUNE 4th:

  • Write, Draw, Paint - This can be anything it doesn't even have to be HS related.

  • Meditate - you can take pics or video, but you can also keep this activity private

  • Create something unique - This can be anything (crafty)

  • Journal - a private activity. Take time for you and only you even if it's for 10 minutes

  • Take photos of wherever you are - at any time on June 4th. Share you day with us!

  • Paint rocks for HS Awareness - this is a GREAT activity the whole family can do and has been a HUGE hit CHECK OUT LAST YEAR IN REVIEW Here

  • Make Posters - HS awareness poster, get creative, or don’t, there is no right or wrong, take pics and please share

  • Light a candle for HS - This is a very beautiful ceremony that we have done every year. You can dedicate it to somebody; it can be an honor of the warriors we have lost. You can do this during the day or night. Light a candle (you can use fake candles too) but please partake in this and send your photo or post your photo using the hashtags. This is a great way to end our Healing for HS walk.

Scavenger Hunt Challenge (general):

Search for things that start with the letters A - Z - Try to find ALL letters, find at least 20 items. Take video or pics. KIDS love this one too!

HS Connect is

100% donation based!

Please help us continue our work in the HS community!

Donate via PayPal/Credit/Debit



What's most important?  SHARING!! Please tag us on social and share, share, share!  Feel free to post in our Facebook support group or email us so we can share (you can remain anonymous if you want)! 

Why is participating, engaging and sharing so important? This is how we raise awareness for OUR ILLNESS, get people interested and talking, but most importantly, it initiates change and lets others know they are NOT alone!








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