Webinare & Videos von der Awareness Week 2020

Webinare & Videos von der Awareness Week 2020

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woman vs. hs
who will prevail?

Eris is taking Awareness Week to a whole new level and making it awareness MONTH! She has committed to walking 300-400 miles during the month of June, which would be her personal best! Her goal is to get everyone up and moving as much as you're able.  She's created a Moving & Grooving Calendar to help inspire people to get up and start moving!  


Do you want to join Eris and support her journey? Post photos of you walking, even around your house, on social media using the #mileinmyhsshoes


For someone with HS, walking a mile can be an extreme sport. Tell your HS story and why walking can be difficult for you (telling your story can be scary, but can also be cathartic).  If you need someone in your corner please reach out to me and I will support you, your story, and lift you up the best I can.

Help Eris maintain her momentum walking and help someone (or yourself) at the same time! Does not have to be HS related!

Special Day?  |  Celebrating Something?  |  Need Encouragement?  | Feeling Down?  LET ERIS WILL WALK FOR YOU!