Clinical trials, research and surveys are open until the quota of participants is met or the study is concluded.  We are consistently checking and updating this page.  If you come across a study that is closed or no longer accepting participants, please let us know here.

It is the responsibility of each of us with HS to participate in whatever studies, research and surveys possible to further the research and knowledge of HS for ourselves, friends and other warriors currently suffering and those who haven't yet been diagnosed.

**Attention Researchers, Physicians, Pharmaceutical Reps or Sponsors**

If you are interested in listing your clinical trial, please contact us here.

Observational Registry & Biospecimen Repository

Aims to comprehensively characterize the clinical and biological features. The results  will provide a basis for the development of a clinical classification system and identification of potential treatments for HS.  NCT04115566

Hidrawear AX Study


This is a study to assess the use HidraWear Ax vs current product and method of use, and to determine the impact on patients' quality of life. NCT04449354 

Safety and Efficacy of 3 kinase inhibitors

Study with 3 kinase inhibitors (PF 06650833, PF 06700841 and PF 06826647) in participants with moderate to severe HS.  NCT04092452

Battlefield Acupuncture for Pain 

Investigate battlefield acupuncture as a treatment for the pain of hidradenitis suppurativa.  NCT04218422

Bimekizumab Study | BE HEARD II

The purpose of the study is to test the efficacy and safety of bimekizumab in study participants with moderate to severe hidradenitis suppurativa (HS).


Negative Pressure Wound Therapy 

Evaluate the use of Negative Pressure Wound Therapy with instillation, which has potential to allow early wound coverage as an alternative. NCT04325607


Who is StuffThatWorks and what do they do?  Read more below.  We are hoping do much more collaborating with them to help the HS community!  You can take the Living through Covid-19 times with HS Survey too!

Ohio State University

Oral Health and Modifiable Risk Factors with HS

A survey studying what dietary or environmental changes might improve symptoms for patients affected by hidradenitis suppurativa. NCT03146676

University of California,

San Francisco (UCSF)


If you, or your caregiver have tested and confirmed positive for COVID-19 with HS, please complete the study here.

Complement C5a Receptors in Hidradenitis Suppurativa

To study the role of C5a in Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS). Complement C5a is a major chemotactic factor that stimulates neutrophil infiltration.  NCT04251663

Study of Efficacy & Safety of Investigational Treatments in Patients With Moderate to

Severe HS



The main purpose of this study is to assess preliminary efficacy and safety of CFZ533 and LYS006 in patients with moderate to severe hidradenitis suppurativa and to determine if CFZ533 and LYS006 have an adequate clinical profile for further clinical development. NCT3527798

Low Dose Radiotherapy for Advanced Hidradenitis Suppurativa (RTHS)



To establish the safety of radiotherapy in the treatment of advanced hidradenitis suppurativa. Patients will receive radiotherapy treatment over one week and then will be followed for the next three months. NCT03040804

Impact of Hidradenitis Suppurativa on Quality of Life Functions



The goal of this study is to get a better understanding of the impact of Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS) on the quality of life of patients with this condition.  Study participation will last for 1 day, with potential for follow-up in the future. NCT03288337

Epidermal Barrier Function With Anti-Oxidant Defense

Mechanisms in Skin Conditions



Investigators will sample the skin and blood of patients with chronic skin conditions (including but not limited to atopic dermatitis (AD), contact dermatitis, hidradenitis suppurativa (HS), and psoriasis) to study the expression of anti-oxidative enzymes, skin barrier proteins and inflammatory molecules.  NCT03198390

ISMIC (Target-Derm)



5 year study for adult and pediatric HS patients.  Various States.  Click below for info.


It is a receptor inhibitor acting like a biologic and an immunosuppressant and was developed for both auto-inflammatory and autoimmune illnesses. They also have expectations that Avacopan can be used as an alternative to corticosteroids. It inhibits the complement C5a receptor, or C5aR, for inflammatory diseases. Avacopan blocks the activity of complement C5a, a component of the complement system and the for C5aR.


FDA Clinical Trials

Review all FDA trials here.  

Tofacitinib for Immune Skin Conditions in Down Syndrome

Evaluates the safety and efficacy treatment with Tofacitinib known to block IFN signaling, in adults with DS and an autoimmune and/or autoinflammatory skin condition. NCT04246372

Repeat Doses of CSL324 with HS and Palmoplantar Pustulosis

CSL324 is a novel, recombinant therapy that may treat diseases caused by increased numbers of neutrophils at sites of inflammation. NCT03972280

Long-Term Safety and Effectiveness of Humira

Evaluate the long-term safety and effectiveness of Humira in patients with HS in real-world clinical practice in Japan.  NCT03894956

Bimekizumab Study | BE HEARD I

The purpose of the study is to test the efficacy and safety of bimekizumab in study participants with moderate to severe hidradenitis suppurativa (HS).  


Oral Upadacitinib Tablet 

Oral Upadacitinib Tablet Compared to Placebo in Adult Participants With Moderate to Severe Hidradenitis Suppurativa to Assess Change in Disease Symptoms. NCT04430855

HIDRAWEAR - *Clinicians Only*

US and Europe

HidraWear is a 3-part wound care kit that enables quick and easy dressing placement and adhesive free, secure retention in difficult to dress areas, in this case the axilla.

Wound Dressings for HS

University of Miami

How types of wound dressings affect quality of life for people with HS. NCT04194541

University of California,

San Francisco (UCSF)


If you, or your caregiver have tested and confirmed positive for COVID-19 with HS, please complete the REGISTRY here.

HS Written Action Plan Trial (HSWAP)

The goal is to gain a better understanding of the condition and how to manage the condition on a daily basis compared to a routine verbal consultation. NCT04230291

Wound Care Trial in Ireland

Open to anyone in Ireland. 


Volunteers are needed for a wound care clinical trial. HS warriors are needed to participate in this trial for HS wound dressing of the armpits.

Treatment of Hidradenitis Suppurativa With Eth 755nm Alexandrite Laser



Patients with bilateral hidradenitis in the axilla, groin and/or inframammary will be treated on one side with the Alexandrite hair removal laser. The other side will serve as the control. NCT03054155

Wound Etiology and Healing Study (WE-HEAL)




The purpose of the WE-HEAL Study is to help researchers use human tissue samples and health records to study the reasons why some patients heal quickly and some have problems healing wounds. All patients seen with an open wound or hidradenitis suppurativa are invited to participate. Information from this research may help to understand how to prevent and treat certain diseases.  NCT01352078

Molecular Biology and Genetics of Hidradenitis Suppurativa


Analysis of Gene expression and microbiome profiling in hidradenitis suppurativa to identify immunological biomarkers of disease activity.

National Registry For Patients With HS



5 year study for adult and pediatric HS patients.  Various States.  Click below for info. NCT03289585






To evaluate the safety and efficacy of 2 dose levels of risankizumab in adult participants with moderate to severe Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS). NCT03926169

UK Clinical Trials

See all UK clinical trials here.

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