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Claire is a valuable tool for researching, and understanding HS. I would recommend this page to anybody (doctors, patients, and friends / family members of HS sufferers), who wants to better educate themselves about the illness. They have done a great job setting up the website, which is user-friendly, well-organized, and informative. It is a tremendously helpful resource for HS patients, because it compiles so much helpful and accurate information into one place. It also provides links to online support groups, which is extremely valuable and important for people who suffer from this terrible illness, which often causes loneliness, social isolation, and severe depression. I am a fellow HS sufferer, who has relied upon this resource, and the online support groups, myself, to find help, friendship, connection, and understanding, within the wider HS community.

Makellee Kathryn Doty-Robinson

HS Connect is amazing in so many ways. It's a place that provides good information, resources, and care. But the best thing it does, is what is said in the name itself. It helps connect HS patients with not only providing the aforementioned things, but by connecting them together and making them not feel alone. As an advocate myself, I can say with huge confidence that HS Connect is one of the best places out there for HS patients, awareness, and updated information and research. Thank you HS Connect for giving so much time, care, and love into the community.

Craig Smith, M.D.

Nice job on the website! certainly looks like a resource that will help those struggling with such a rare, but disabling, and painful, condition. Well done!

A. Curcin, M.D.

Congratulations on the launch of your website "HSCONNECT"! Very professionally done and extremely helpful and informative. Your blend of scientific information with the personal touch of your individual stories will serve as a support point for all individuals suffering from this condition.  Keep up the good work.

Darcey is my information super highway!! Any question I have about dressings, what to ask my dr, medicines, natural healing and or treatment... etc!  Those are all well and good. But, for me the website makes me feel not so alone. Reading others testimonials and info has really helped with my depression and anxiety. I also want to add that my new friend Denise has helped me so much these past couple months!!! I envy the wisdom and information that this woman has!!! I've been brought to light on so many things for hs, that has helped my everyday living and well being. Not just from her but, from this website. I tell everyone about hsconnect!! Family, friends, customers at work. Just about anyone who will sit and listen to me talk. I've told a few drs and drs to be about it as well. Actually just talked to a soon to be dr today that came into my workplace. She graduates in march from medical school!! She actually told me that there was a question about hs on one of her board exams!!! That absolutely made my day!! All in all, this website has been a godsend for me and my family and friends. Thank you to all who has helped create this to what it is today.  I'm forever grateful. Thank you. 

Tara is my go to website for all things hidradenitis suppurativa. Need info? There’s articles and research. Need product advice? There’s an entire page of products that others have tried and have found some success with. Looking for a dermatologist? There’s a page for that too! And listed by state! Most importantly, it’s a site I trust because the creators also suffer from HS and understand what it is like. Very blessed to have found this wonderful group of dedicated people that have put their time and effort into creating this site. 


I have spent many nights scrolling through HS Connect reading both stories from other HS warriors and further information relating to HS. It’s my go to site if I have any concerns with wound care or even just what words mean. For instance I’ve always been confused about the different stages and tunnelling etc. After reading through an article I understand it a lot better and I’ve managed to categorize where I’m at. HS connect is basically an HS bible. It contains so much needed information and advice. I wish doctors knew about it and could point new HS diagnosed patients to the website it would help so much. Especially with the rising epidemic of antibiotics, so many people don’t understand the choices they have with what medication is available to them and what the risks of long term antibiotics carry.

Keshia Miller

HS connect is a wonderful place to gather all necessary resources for dealing with Hidradenitis Suppurativa. They do research and gather all kinds of information from real HS patients like me. As a sufferer of this chronic skin condition, I find this website VERY informative and helpful. Especially the support groups that are offered over Facebook. Thank you to the founders of HS Connect, for all of your research and creating a website with ease of access to that research, for people like me.


I love the HS community as a whole period they have really helped me feel more confident in the skin I am in even on days when I just want to hide away cause I feel so ugly. This website is amazing (though I have not had much time to use it) I love seeing the photos and recipes of different anti inflammatory meals that could possibly help with this condition I love to see just the community because it’s hard enough feeling like no one understand you because of the pain. I truly appreciate the HS community. 

Renee B. is by far one of the most informative and helpful websites I have ever used. I have had this condition for over 30 years and have learned more about HS in the last few months because of this site, than I’ve learned using various others over the years!  I highly recommend to anyone that lives with HS and/or loves someone with it. 


The HS connect website is honestly the best HS website i have seen on 20 years. It covers every angle of this disease from research and treatments, to all the facts you need to know about Hidradenitis Suppurativa. It also has so many images, and stories that are relatable as a patient. The team is so dedicated and professional. It is my go to website for anything HS.


HSConnect is amazing, full of up-to-date, reliable and honest information. I’ve found other websites I’ve been on for information aren’t totally clear on what exactly HS is and the best options for treatment, for example the use of antibiotics and the dangers of doing so. I’ve been a member of the FB group since shortly after I was diagnosed and I honestly am so grateful for the loving support of the HS community who treat all members like family.

Ashley Stevens

This website has helped me tremendously. If I ever have any issues or concerns I always come here. I love reading others stories and learning more about this disease! The HS community is growing and it’s amazing to watch it grow!

Maria Scharff has together with the above 2 Facebook groups meant/mean the world to me!


I love the fact that the website as well as the FB groups are run by very knowledgeable patients that have no connection with the pharmaceutical industry at all, i e not being sponsored. 


Our disease HS has no cure today and is  more than unpredictable.  We need to read and learn from one another and correct self-care is of utmost importance, especially in countries that are not up to date with our HS disease!

Most of us have been wrongly diagnosed more than once, wrongly treated etc.


As an HS patient today, knowledge and right self-care can lead to immense improvement.


That is one reason to why I so much appreciate the website and FB groups!


Another reason is the constant update on research! Of utmost value for me! 💜


Thank you all for a job well performed! Bravo!

Rachel McGillivray

I am so in love with  I am only recently diagnosed with hs although I've had it for over almost 15 years.  The site is full of information that I had no idea about. I have seen others struggles and felt comforted in the fact that I'm not alone. I have seen information that never occurred to me but yet makes perfect sense and I love the fact that it is more up to date than any other information site out there.  I subscribe to the emails and I look forward to the new studies that come out regularly. The hsconnect team does a wonderful job for all of us sufferers and I don't know where I would be without them.


My name is lauren, I'm 24 and have suffered with hs for a decade, it was ignored and passed off as part of my pcos, but the progression did what it does and here i am offically diagnosed 01/8/2020  was told i most likely have it late 2019. It has been devastating, isolating, beyond exhausting and endless, i know not one person in my real life with this chronic disease and the solidarity, advice, love, compassion and acceptance brought from the HS website and group has been everything to me, solidarity is healing and Denise provides and promotes such knowledge and strength. I'm forever grateful for her and all hs warriors and healers.


Hsconnect is my favorite website to go to for myself and especially to send friends or family to. It is true to me. Some of those online websites are wrong and friends look it up then don't quite get the whole picture. Hsconnect is made with true HS experiences. Other sites are by outsiders. Hsconnect is first hand knowledge from the source. It really brought me out of my shell to tell people about me because there's actually a great site now. Thanks to all the beautiful people who worked so hard to give this to the HS community. 

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